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"I can’t think straight…"

"Then what about this?"

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"It’s not working…"

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"Are you listening?"
"How can I… forget you?:

"Let’s go on a trip…"

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The texting incident.

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Dad… for the first time, I have someone I love apart from you.
From the morning until night, I have a person with whom I want to do everything together. Even if that person keeps pushing me away, I cannot step away. Even if I try to hate him, I cannot. I keep dreaming a sad dream of him loving me, again and again…

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"Yeah. I’m crying. I’m crying pathetically over a man."

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"Do Min Joon…
Why did you say things like how you came from the stars and such…
From now on, I cannot help but think of you whenever I look at the night sky…”

"And I, I came to know this truth. When you learn to love someone, you also begin to have fears. Because I may be unable to protect the person I want to protect… I am afraid now.”

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"Since the day on which I am leaving is drawing near, how do I feel, you ask?”

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How could i forget you?

Really makes me want to (re)make MoonSun gifsets (again). I shall!!

*cheesy corny music plays*

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"I dreamt a happy dream…
…and I realised that a happy dream makes me feel even more miserable.”

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별에서 온 그대

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I’m definitely not the most skilled gif/graphics set maker on Tumblr, but looking at my old ones, I wish I could have made them like I make gifs now. I will perhaps return to some of my favourite dramas and make new gifs when I’m not watching any drama that is currently airing ^^

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"…Are you okay?"

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